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With experienced team of Hapat Global Trade&Consulting, we are focused on solutions for importing-exporting companies’ problems which they are unable or unwilling to take the possible risks that caused by lack of intel or experiences and/or conserns about the target countries. In this regard, we are offering to our partners best solutions within scope of productivity for their evaluations among several alternatives of solutions.

As an importing/exporting company you may have a project which gains you an advantage over your competitors in your market. yet the process is long and complex, not only communication barriers but some of these complicated import issues as well:

Sourcing: In order to run an overseas operation properly, it is the best solution is to have a hired personnel for sourcing of products from international supplier which is not always a feaseble option considering the expenses. Still, it is important to have someone who acts on your behalf because, unfortunately, not all overseas manufacturer are what they seem.

To ensecure” your source, with only on-line information, is to set yourself up for the possibility that your so-called supplier is distrusted. Enlisting the consoult of professionals, such as Hapat global trade&consulting, ensures that you are not wasting your time to a company wthich doesn’t even have a legimate factory.

Pricing: Negotiation is not only a term of commerce but it is also a tradition of in some cultures which makes itself more than having a phone conversation by pickin up the phone or exchanging mails. Those cultural differences and language barriers may make otherwise manageable tasks far difficult.

As a sourcing agency Hapat Global Trade&Consulting is familiar with manufacturers and suppliers as equipped and experienced team to communicate and negotiate with them directly.

Quality control: Neither you will be there to inspect the production for quality control, nor a hired personnel of yours, you may face with the fact that the quality is not par with your specs nor your expectations. Hapat Global trade&consulting can help you with managing pre-production process as factory inspection or sample testings to ensure that the product meets your expectations as well as market expectations.

Transport: When it comes to transport the product from origin to target without damage in transport or losses from dead space, transporting can be pretty challanging and expensive. Hapat has the resources to solve it with inspecting the loading of goods. And instead of hiring a third party shipping we can manage freight forwarding by shipping lines directly. You will recieve your goods in time and affordable offers without a hastle.

Customs: You have calculated your budget to manufacture and transport of your goods yet have you considered additional fees such as customs duties and taxes which may double the cost of your product without professional support. In working with Hapat, you will be totally prepared for those expenses and be able to evaluate feasibility.

Considerin all above challenges of importing & exporting, Hapat Global Trade&Consulting provides best of the options for your evaluation to finalize your project smoothly.