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For an importing/exporting company having a plan for gaining an advantage over competitors is important. And it is more important to ensure that the project is capable to asnwer needs of market, ready for possible changes and flexable for reactions of other players.

As Hapat Global, with awareness of correlation between “time and gain”, we are supporting our clients with “keeping up with the market” which includes predicting expectations of market and consumer, reactions of competitores and market dynamics.

In order to provide sustainibilty of the project by keeping up with the market, Hapat also supports its clients with solutions for planning ahed by evaluating the feedbacks and results of the project. In additon to “planning ahead”, for possible upcoming risks that might be a result of the project or reaction of the market and/or competitiors to project, Hapat also alerts its clients about the possible changes in priorities with risks and opportunities or updates of strategies for marketing within scope of problem solving.

As a result, Hapat Global Trade&Consulting supports its partners with solving problems by planning ahead while keeping up the market.